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            Stock Code:603299

            Jiangsu Suyanjingshen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) is a subsidiary controlled by Jiangsu Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd., and has now become a large-scale national salt and salt resource processing listed company (stock code) that integrates research, production and sales. : 603299, stock abbreviation: Su Yanjing God). The company is a national high-tech enterprise and has been selected as one of the top ten enterprises in the salt industry in China for many years. It was identified as the National Enterprise Technology Center in 2016 and won the 18th National Quality Award in 2019.

            The company has more than 2,300 employees on the job, with total assets of nearly 7 billion yuan. It owns the mining right of 8 wells and mineral resources. It has reserves of more than 12 billion tons. It has rich reserves, good quality, thick deposits, high salt content in the mineral deposits, and salt grade The annual output of salt is approximately 12 million tons. The total annual output of salt and salt resource processing products is more than 6.5 million tons, ranking the forefront of the national salt industry. Among them, the salt production capacity is 5 million tons (including 1.2 million tons of table salt) and soda ash. 10,000 tons, thenardite 500,000 tons, calcium chloride 200,000 tons.

            The company implements the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing", and relies on the National Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu (Jingshen) Salt Chemical Industry Circular Economy Technology Research Institute and other research and development platforms to strengthen technological innovation and promote industrial upgrading. A total of nearly 100 technological innovation projects above the municipal level have been completed, with a total of 49 authorized patents, including 23 invention patents. The company's saline-alkali-calcium circular economy industrial chain is the first in the country and advanced in the world. It has adopted 10 patents and proprietary technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and has introduced foreign high-end "mechanical thermal compression evaporators" and "belt alkali filter machines". The equipment has formed a cycle production process of "calcium liquid brine extraction, alkali slag injection wells, salt-calcium cogeneration, and total halogen to alkali production". “New technology for combined cycle production of saline-alkali calcium based on underground device utilization of rock salt solution cavity” won the first prize of scientific and technological progress of China Light Industry Federation. This patented technology has been licensed for use in the same industry.

            As a national designated salt production enterprise, a national green food demonstration enterprise, and a salt industry mobilization center in Jiangsu Province, the company aims to build a "Chinese healthy salt leader", build a salt production base that complies with GMP standards, develop and produce seaweed iodized salt, Green food salt, deep well rock salt, natural sun salt, and other series of high-end salt, ensure a stable supply of salt for 200 million people in Jiangsu and surrounding provinces.

            Looking to the future, the company takes the vision of “building a world-leading salt industry leader”, assumes the mission of “making life more interesting”, implements the core values of “loyalty, dedication, professionalism, passion, and innovation” and implements the “industry chain” The four major strategies of “extension, industrial upgrading, management improvement, and strong talents” build a new salt-alkali-calcium recycling industrial base with core competitive advantages, a Chinese healthy salt research and production base, an important salt cavity comprehensive development and utilization industrial base, and military-civilian integration. Industrial demonstration base, accelerate the development of high-end, intelligent, chain and intensive development, and strive to build a new type of salt and salt resource leading enterprise with international status, domestic influence, social contribution, shareholder benefits, and employee happiness.

            • More than2300 people

              Company's existing employees

            • 7 billion yuan

              Total assets

            • 8mining rights

              Company owned

            • 12 million tons

              Annual mining volume

            • More than6.5million tons

              Salt and salt resource processing products


            Tong Yuxiang

            Party secretary
            Responsible for the company's major strategy and major matters of the party committee.

            • Tong Yuxiang

              Party secretary

            • Wu Xufeng

              Chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee

            • Liu Zhengyou

              General Manager and Party Committee Member

            • Gao Shousong

              Executive Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Committee

            • Zhou Bing

              Deputy General Manager and Member of the Party Committee

            • Wang Guichun

              Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection

            • Wang Fushan

              Chairman of the trade union, member of the party committee

            • Lu Yang

              Assistant General Manager

            • Resource advantage


              Resource advantage

              The company has eight wells including Zhangxing Salt Mine, Xiaguan Salt Mine, Jiangnan Salt Mine, Shitang Salt Mine, and reserves of 12.140 billion tons of resources. It has abundant reserves, high quality, thick deposits, and salt content in the ore layer. High salt level and high grade, fully guarantee the brine required for salt and salt resource processing products; the company has a salt cavity volume of 15 million cubic meters, adding more than 3 million cubic meters each year, laying the foundation for building an underground salt cavity oil and gas storage industry chain .

            • Technical advantages


              Technical advantages

              The company has the National Enterprise Technology Center and is the only one in the salt industry. It has successively won national quality awards, national high-tech enterprises, and Jiangsu Manufacturing Outstanding Contribution Award for technological innovation demonstration enterprises. Research and development platforms such as the Institute of Economics and Technology have become the leader in technological innovation in the national salt industry. First prize for progress.

            • Production and marketing advantages


              Production and marketing advantages

              The company has established a production and sales coordination mechanism to achieve seamless connection between production and sales; it has strong market response capabilities and has established strategic partnerships with more than 10 large enterprises. The sales of edible salt products cover 31 provinces (cities), providing safe, healthy and green salt products to 200 million people.

            • Capital advantage


              Capital advantage

              The company was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 31, 2015, with a total share capital of 776 million shares. As one of the few listed companies in China's salt industry, it will take advantage of the rapid development of China's capital market, make full use of listed platforms to broaden investment and financing channels, and actively carry out capital operations such as mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations, and leverage the multiplier effect of capital operations to promote further corporate development. Do better and stronger。

            • Logistics advantages


              Logistics advantages

              The company's main production area is adjacent to the Grand Canal and has its own wharf, which has obvious advantages in water transportation and effectively reduces logistics costs. The high-speed rail network surrounding the company's highways has obvious advantages in water, land and air transportation.

            • Branded advantages


              Branded advantages

              The company is a "Top 50 Independent Industrial Brands" enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It has formed a series of brands supplemented by "Huaiyan", "Jingshen" as main brands, and "Yinfei", "Yunyun" and "Sizhou". The "Huaiyan" brand is "2016 Top Ten Brands of China's Condiment and Salt Industry" and "2016 Chinese Consumers' Assured Brand of Condiment Products"; "Jingshen" brand industrial salt, edible salt and soda ash products are well-known products in Jiangsu Province.

            • Resource Advantage

              The company is located on an underground rock salt deposit with the ore resource reserve of 2.564 billion tons. The salt deposit is of high grade and rich reserves, and covers seven salt mines, including Zhangxing Salt Mine and Jiangnan Salt Mine. With the existing volume of salt chambers of 10 million m3, the company adds 2 million m3 of volume each year to positively create an underground salt-chamber oil and gas storage industry chain.

            • Technical Advantage

              The company has a National Enterprise Technology Center, and currently is the only company which belongs to national high-tech enterprise in China’s salt industry. The salt-soda-calcium joint production process was rated as the “domestic initiative and international advanced” technology by Zhou Guangyao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and won the first prize of China National Light Industry Council Science and Technology Progress Award in 2014.

            • Production & Marketing Advantages

              The company establishes a production-marketing coordination mechanism and adheres to green and low-carbon cyclic development; The company’s head office of sales has a professional sales force. The industrial salt and other salt & chemical products are mainly sold to the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and other economically developed regions, and are exported to Southeast Asia, South Korea, etc., and the edible salt is mainly sold domestically, with strong terminal control ability.

            • Brand Advantage

              The “Huai” brand salt series produced by the company are rated as “China Famous Brand Product”; the “Huai” brand trademark is recognized as China Famous Brand; the “Huai Salt” brand is rated as “2016 China Top Ten Brand in Salt Industry” and “2016 Consumers Reassuring Brand in China Condiment Products Industry”; “Jingshen” industrial salt, edible salt and calcined soda products are Jiangsu’s brand products,..

            • Logistics Advantage

              The main production area of the company is close to the Grand Canal and the company has its own dock, so the water transportation advantages are obvious, which can effectively reduce the logistics cost. Around the company, the expressways form a network, and the air and rail transportation extends to all directions.

            • Capital Advantage

              On December 31, 2015, the company was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange, with the stock code of 603299, the general capital of 559 million shares and the highest market value of 13.8 billion.

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